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14-04-2023 – A lot has happened this past period for Hummus & Habibis. As mentioned on our Insta, we switched from a small order concept to a catering-only concept. We are receiving orders like never before and are really thankful for it. But we still think it’s important to make time for the community. Hummus & Habibis have always stood for giving back to humanity, it’s a part of our Syrian culture and is the result of our refugee past. In this blog, we want to highlight some of our past humanitarian projects this year. 

Fundraisers to support earthquake survivors in Turkey & Syria

Back in February Turkey and Syria got hit by multiple devastating earthquakes. Needless to say, this was a terrible event that went straight to our hearts. It is easy to feel useless all the way in Holland. But there was still a way to help due to the beautiful initiatives from people. Hummus & Habibis were able to help by donating food for several fundraisers and solidarity events. One of the fundraisers was organized by Türkü Köksel and her friend Fernando. They organized a fundraiser filled with dance, music, poetry, and art. Hummus and Habibis donated food along with other chefs. The fundraiser was a great success, there was laughing, crying, and hugging. Most importantly, the event collected €2250. This will be donated equally to active organizations in the earthquake zone. 

Ramadan in Gouda

We are happy to announce that we will be providing food daily for refugees in Gouda during the month of Ramadan. Hummus & Habibis have donated food to refugees before in Ter Apel. This turned out to be a project of four months where we served over 5000 meals and even did workshops, you can read more about the project in this article by Het Parool.

During Ramadan, Muslims eat 2 meals a day. A small meal before the sun rises (Suhoor) and a big meal after the sun sets (Iftar). This month we will drive every night to Gouda to provide fresh dips and bites for 120 refugees for Iftar. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve refugees again and we are so happy to give back to the community in this special period of the year.  

Giving free meals to our Habibis

To thank our habibis who have ordered several times this year, we decided to treat you guys to a free two-person meal. We gave them out in Nijmegen en Amsterdam as a thank-you for all the support we got. A lot have people came to get their meals, we loved seeing your smiles. Some customers decided to skip their meals, so we could pass them on to somebody else who needed it. This really shows all the love we have in our community and we are so proud of it. 

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