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Hummus & Habibis began as a project to support my mental health when things were not going as well for me. When Covid started in 2020, I fell into a deep depression, facing the traumas I went through in Syria and as a refugee on my way to Europe. I never expected this project to grow so fast and then take over my life. It started with just selling Hummus, and now we have more than 15 dishes on the menu. I am happy and grateful that I was able to involve my family in this business. Since early 2021, my family in Nijmegen has also been making food from home (and catering) just as I do in Amsterdam.

In 2023, Hummus & Habibis became a catering company instead of delivering individual meals. Meanwhile, my family and I travel the country catering for weddings and lunches to companies like Amazon, Uber, Municipality of Rotterdam, etc. We have also delivered more than 5,000 meals to refugees, conducted 8 workshops, and we will continue with collaborations that benefit society. 

Hummus & Habibis is more than just food; it is also about connection, community, authenticity, compassion and ethical entrepreneurship. I believe that refugees can bridge different parts of the world and connect different cultures and perspectives. 

About Hummus & Habibis | Syrian Food Catering in Netherlands


Our food is 100% homemade following authentic family recipes. 


We always choose the best and organic ingredients. 

Middle Eastern

Our food is Middle Eastern, following the traditions of our native Syria. 


We always make the sustainable choice with regard to our ingredients, packaging and delivery. 

The hummus and Habibis Podcast

Welcome to our podcast, where we have fun while discussing the challenges and rewards of running a hummus business. A fun and informative experience awaits you as we dive into both cultural and light-hearted topics. Listen in with us for funny stories and insights that we hope will inspire and entertain you as much as it did us. Thanks for listening, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas too!

Hummus & Habibis cooked food for refugees
"Refugees are one of the many bridges that connect different parts of the world."

In 2022, we started a new project in Ter Apel, where we made fresh food for refugees between 12-17 years old. 

We are proud to have made 5,000 meals to date and made many of the children there happy. We have also conducted cooking workshops, and involved the children in making the food they ate. 

Catering & cooking workshops in Ter Apel

From September 2022 to January 2023 we made food for and gave cooking workshops to refugees in Ter Apel (the largest refugee camp in the Netherlands).

After our first visit to Ter Apel, I wrote the following:
"I was 21 when I arrived alone in Ter Apel after a 3-month journey of swimming, hiking and climbing across Europe. I barely had any clothes and only €50 in my pocket. I stayed in Ter Apel for 4 months, eating the same frozen food and feeling what many of the boys there now also feel.
I never thought I would ever return to this place again, but I am happy to share with you that I have agreed with COA to come to Ter Apel every Monday for the next 3 months and cook fresh food for the 250 minors there.
I love it when things come full circle, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and happy to see how much I have matured. There is nothing stopping me from improving my life and the lives of those around me."

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Read our blogs with useful tips, information on Islamic and Syrian traditions and much more! 

Our reviews

We are proud of our customers and community. Read what they think of Hummus & Habibis here. 

"The food transported me home"
Badr is a very sweet guy, and his food is delicious. The tabbouleh, mini manaish and pizzas satisfied my cravings and transported me back home. There's no better feeling when feeling homesick than having home brought to you. Highly recommend Hummus & Habibis ♥️
Yasmine Zreik
"A must try"
Everything I ordered, from the hummus to the baba ghanoush to the dolma, cheese sambusek, red lentil soup etc. was absolutely on point. So so delicious and flavourful, plastic-free packaging and super friendly and fast delivery - a must try 🙂
Tasia Kucan
So tasty!!! Most friendly owner and the food is truly authentic. Tried everything from the menu and everything is 10/10 - you can not go wrong here!
Natacha Jovanovic
"Real cooked quality food"
I tried it at some friends birthday. They order the food from Hummus & Habibis and it was so good! It was a really nice homemade food. No fast food, real cooked quality food. I thought to myself after that, that is such a good idea to order their food when I will have people over.
"So many flavours"
The buffet we ordered was fantastic. So many flavours and everything was fresh.
Deeb Sabe Alill
"Really really tasty"
Really really tasty homemade Syrian food. Generous portions and a very friendly owner. Would highly recommend.
Jez Martin

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