When you want to impress a big group at your next soiree but you’re pressed for time there’s only one thing to do, order catering! But with so many delicious catering options in Amsterdam, how can you know what to choose?

Whether you’re hosting a party at work or an at-home bash, the food is super important. You always want your guests to walk away full and happy, but managing all that cooking when you’re planning a party can be so stressful! Don’t sweat it! Cater your next party with Middle Eastern food from Hummus & Habibis, Amsterdam’s authority on Middle Eastern cuisine!

A great part is about fun, family, and friends, so keep it that way by catering your big event! Save the stress for another time and learn how your next event can benefit from the delicious food of Hummus & Habbis!

What Is Middle Eastern Food?

True Middle Eastern style cooking is a celebration. It is all about connection with food and flavor and unlike food from anywhere else in the world. This amazing style of food combines delicious spices, meats, and grains, to create truly unique and unforgettable flavors.

The Middle East is made up of many countries each with its own distinct dishes, but the style of cuisine persists throughout the whole region. From Israel to Syria, and everywhere in between, you will find deliciously complex and earthy dishes that play on your palate like no other cuisine.

Common trends in Middle Eastern cooking include an expert use of wonderfully aromatic spices and herbs. Creamy dips and spreads are common, as well as deliciously rich and flavorful meats like lamb, mutton, and goat; although, vegetarian food has never been better than when prepared in the Middle Eastern style!

Great Middle Eastern chefs, like the chefs at Hummus & Habbis, truly showcase a talented understanding of the balance needed to make perfectly bold and delectable food! Since coming to the Netherlands as a refugee from Syria, Chef Dabbagh has been serving Amsterdam amazing Middle Eastern cuisine straight from the heart!

Best Middle Eastern Dishes

Trying to choose the best Middle Eastern dish might just be impossible because everything made in this style is so over-the-top delicious! That is one of the reasons Middle Eastern catering is always such a hit! It allows you to try a bite of everything and discover truly great flavors!

Some of the true icons of Middle Eastern cuisine include:

Hummus – This is a staple spread or dip made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and spices. It is so versatile and a very crowd-pleasing catering dish!

Muhammara – This is another delicious dip or spread. Its bright red color will get your eyes excited even before you dive into the delicious flavors of walnuts, red bell peppers, and pomegranate in this dip!

Baba Ghanoush & Mama Ghanoush – Both are flavorful and spreadable dips. Baba ghanoush is beloved for its roasted eggplant flavor and perfectly balanced seasoning. Mama ghanoush is the luscious counterpart to baba ghanoush. It is the same dip only it uses roasted zucchini instead of eggplant.

Falafel – This amazing Middle Eastern favorite is popular with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! Falafels are delicious balls of chickpeas, herbs, and spices that are fried into divinely crispy bites.

Dolma – This Middle Eastern dish might be one of the most well-known internationally. Dolmas are beautifully stuffed grape leaves that will leave your whole party wanting more!

Makdous – This unique dish is not one your guests will forget! Makdous are small eggplants stuffed with walnuts, red peppers, and garlic to make the perfect savory bite!

Cheese Sambusek – These delicious bites are pastries filled with cheese and herbs. They are the perfect crispy bite to excite your mouth for more!

Kibbeh – Kibbeh are deliciously crunchy and crispy bites of ground meat, spices, and grains. They’re delicious for enjoying on their own or dipping into delicious Middle Eastern sauces.

Foul Mudammas – This lush fava bean stew is a comforting classic! It has all the homey and inviting flavors of the perfect pick-me-up!

Fattoush Salad – This salad is a celebration of great vegetable flavors! It’s traditionally made with khubz, mixed greens, radishes, and tomatoes.

Red Lentil Soup – This hearty blend of lentils and spices makes for the perfect dish for a cool day. It’s a true catering hit thanks to its eye-catching color and sumptuous flavor!

Baklawa – Baklawa is universal, everyone loves it! It’s a light and flakey pastry layered with nuts and delicious honey syrup. No one at your event will be able to resist these sweet bites!

Ma’amoul – These date-filled cookies are just divine! They’re a classic sweet bite in Middle Eastern cuisine and the perfect treat to finish a deliciously catered meal with!

Why Cater with Middle Eastern Food?

There are so many bold flavors to be discovered in the world of Middle Eastern cuisine. When you choose catering from Hummus & Habbis you can relax knowing that there will be something for everyone! Their tasty options have you covered so all you need to do is have a hungry crowd, what could be easier!?

Catering Middle Eastern food is really the most thoughtful choice. This provides options for all diets. Many delicious Middle Eastern dishes are naturally vegetarian, but their flavors are so strong that even carnivores will fall for these plates!

No matter who you need to feed or where in Amsterdam you are, Hummus & Habbis has you covered! They will provide everything you need for your event to go smoothly. No matter the occasion, from work lunches to big blowouts, they can build a catering package that suits your needs!

Hummus & Habbis will work with your requests to put together gorgeous buffets or handcrafted plates for your special event. They offer everything from fast and easy food delivery to full-service buffet catering that your guests will never forget!

The best part of choosing Hummus & Habbis for your catering needs is knowing that every dish is crafted with heart and you, the customer, are always their first concern!

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